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Carving tools

Carving tools

Carving tools

British carver Chris Pye began woodcarving in 1975, originally studying under master carver Gino Masero. He is a member of the prestigious Master Carvers Association.

Forge de Saint Juery, home of Auriou Toolworks in south west France has, under Chris Pye's guidance, begun producing (revised and improved) Auriou woodcarving tools - a basic set of 7 to begin with and more to follow.

The basic set of 7 tools, which is being sold as a set consists of 2 flat, 2 medium and 2 deep sweep gouges and a V tool.:

# 3 x 8mm (1/4in.)
# 3 x 14mm (1/2in.)
# 6 x 8mm (1/4in.)
# 6 x 14mm (1/2in.)
# 9 x 8mm (1/4in.)
# 9 x 14mm (1/2in.)
60 deg. V tool x 10mm (3/8in.)

This set gives you many carving choices: deep gouges for shaping, medium for modelling, flat gouges for smoothing surfaces, and the ever-useful V tool; and with these tools you'll have the means of carving a wide range of subjects.

Please also see Chris hompage, loads of carwing info !