Lie Nielsen floats

Lie Nielsen floats

Floats are traditional tools used to cut, flatten, and smooth (or float) the critical surfaces of a wooden plane, such as the bedding of the blade, the mouth, and the wedge abutment. They are capable of extremely precise work.

Typically floats have been craftsman-made. We have worked with contemporary wooden plane maker, Larry Williams, to develop these floats and are very pleased to make them available.

Floats are also useful around the woodshop for lots of jobs besides plane making, and if you have never used one you will be amazed at how quickly they will produce an accurate, smooth surface. Try one for flattening, chamfering, smoothing flat and curved surfaces.

Our floats are made from S-7 tool steel, hardened and tempered to RC 50-52 for edge life and resharpening ability. 8tpi, 80° rake angle, maple handles.


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