Tormek Grinding Wheels

Tormek Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels for a sharp and durable edge

Tormek Grindstones

The Tormek grindstones are well known for grinding efficiency and extended stone life - if you take good care of your stone, you can expect to use it for many years to come. We currently offer three different types of grindstones, all optimized with the special qualities required for different applications.

The water cooled sharpening systems Tormek T-8 and Tormek T-4 are supplied with the Tormek Original Grindstone. These give you an efficient steel removal and smooth surface finish from the same stone because the surface can be changed from 220 Grit to the equivalent of 1000 Grit which leaves a finer surface and sharper edge. If you want an even finer surface, we recommend the Tormek Japanese Waterstone which comes with a 4000 Grit and delivers a mirror finish with a razor sharp edge.

If you need faster material removal, you should consider the Tormek Blackstone Silicon which has been developed with the special qualities required to more quickly sharpen HSS and other exotic alloyed steels.

Common to all our grindstones is that they are designed to give your tool a sharp and durable edge with your preferred surface finish. For more information about the individual stone qualities and machine compatibility, please see their product page.

Tormek Diamond Wheels

The Tormek Diamond wheels have been developed specifically for our Water Cooled Sharpening System. Thanks to the low speed of our machines, they are ideal for use with diamond wheels because no heat is generated.  The Tormek Diamond Wheels have exceptional durability, a consistent sharpening ability and always retain the full size diameter. Users who frequently sharpen the same tool will benefit from this feature as it simplifies both the setting and sharpening.

The new Tormek Diamond Wheels come in three different grades; CoarseFine and Extra Fine. Thanks to the constant diameter of the wheel, it offers the ability to sharpen on the side as well as the periphery. Side sharpening is perfect for small carving tools such as carving gouges and V-tools plus plane irons, wood chisels and knives. The result is a bevel edge with a completely flat surface, instead of a hollow grind.

When sharpening on the side of the Diamond Wheels, we recommend using the Tormek Multi Base MB-100 with the appropriate jig developed for your specific tool. The combination of the Multi Base and jig gives you complete support and control when sharpening. If you don’t know which jig to use, please visit our page Which jig should I use?”.

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